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Wine Menu

Wine Menu

The following wines are served by the bottle or glass

Glass (175ml)
Small (125ml)


White Wines

Sauvignon Blanc - San Andreas - Chile - 12.5% (s) 1

Crisp and lively with zesty citrus aromas. Glorious fruit flavours of fresh lime, lemon and gooseberry. Partners with chicken, fish and spicy dishes.

Pinot Grigio - Delle Venezie - Italy - 12% (s) 2

A perfect blend of juicy pear with citrus bursts of lemon and grapefruit create a refreshing wine. Excellent with salads, chicken and fish.

Chardonnay - San Andreas - Chile - 13% (s) 2

A clean, crisp and elegant Chardonnay with tropical and grassy notes. Intense tropical flavours of pineapple and honey and a burst of citrus fruit. A great accompaniment to white meats and salads.

Rosé Wines

White Zinfandel - Highbridge - California - 10.5% (s) 4

Juicy and refreshing flavours of ripe strawberry and luscious watermelon combine with a delicate sweetness and crisp acidity. Fantastic chilled on its own or with salads and snacks.

Red Wines

Merlot - San Andres - Chile - 12.5% (s) C

An elegant, well-structured Merlot with aromas of chocolate,
cherry and mocha. Soft generous fruit flavours of ripe cherry
and plum with a delicate hint of spice.
Partners well with red meats, stews or vegetarian dishes.

Shiraz - Scenic Ridge - Australia - 14% (s) B

A medium-bodied Shiraz with cherry, plum and damson fruit
flavours as well as a hint of soft spice.
Goes well with steak, pies and spicy dishes

Malbec - El Mestingo - Argentina - 13% (s) B

This vibrant, purple-coloured wine is bursting with aromas of
black fruits, almonds and a hint of leather. Soft and mellow
on the palate, it offers flavours of plum, blackberry and
A fine accompaniment to red meats, pork dishes and chilli
con carne.

Fine Wines By The Bottle

Sauvignon Blanc - Oyster Bay Marlborough - New Zealand - 12.5% (s)


Oyster Bay captures the special character of New Zealand’s
cool, climatic viticulture…..elegant, assertive wines with
glorious fruit flavours.

Amicone - Rosso Veneto - Italy - 14.5% (s) B


The healthiest and most developed grapes are selected to
guarantee the superb quality of this wine. A full bodied yet
soft wine with aromas of fresh raspberry and black cherry.
Slow maturation in oak barrels gives notes of sweet spices
and chocolate.
My favourite red often on my table, always with friends.

Rioja - Campo Drada - Spain - 13.5% (s) A


A full-bodied and powerfully built red wine given extended
aging in oak barrels for a minimum of 18 months to produce
mature blackberry and baking spice flavours across a long
persistent palate, typical od a great Rioja.

Sparkling Wines & Champagne

Prosecco - Spumante - Italy - 11% (s) 1


Delicate white stone fruit and lemon flavoured and fine
Perfectly matched with good company and good times.

Rose Prosecco - Canti DOC - Italy - 11% (s) 1


Delicate pink colour, floral and fruity fragrance, savoury and
elegant taste makes the product perfect as an aperitif.

Martini Prosecco - Torino - Italy - 11.5% (s) 1


This sparkling wine has the scent of ripe peaches and crisp
green apples. Its flavour is refreshing, dry and fruity.
To accompany girls who want to have fun.

Pure Prosecco Gold - Servi - Italy - 11% (s) 1


Amazingly fruity, pleasantly refreshing and superbly lively on
the palate, with a perfectly balanced texture and a crisp,
creamy perlage. Extremely versatile, all-course wine, perfect
in any convivial situation.

Champagne - Paul Langier - France - 12.5% (s) 1


An outstanding cuvee blended from pinot Noir, pinot
Meunier and Chardonnay grapes. This is a stylish dry wine
offering ripe fruit and a biscuity finish.
A fantastic house Champagne – well worth trying if you like

1~5 where 1 is dry and 5 is sweet
A~E where A is full-bodied and E is light

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